Institutional OTC Trading Solutions

Gebo Group provides streamlined actionable quotes with available liquidity pairs for digital assets and fiat currencies including BTC, ETH, PAX, TUSD, USD, and many more. Trades executed on a principal-to-principal basis with no additional fees.


Access Gebo’s conversion network in both digital assets and fiat. BTC, ETH, PAX, TUSD, and many more

No Fees

No transaction fees, principal-to-principal trading

Price Lock-In

Actionable quotes via institutional grade trading infrastructure. Lock up to 4 times the amount of available capital in any supported currency. No charge on leverage

Our institutional solutions allow our counter parties to streamline trading with API connectivity, trade confirmations, and settlement disbursements through a licensed custodian. We provide several options for clearing, settlement, and transaction reporting creating a better flow of ease proceeding the execution process.


Transactions are settled on Delivery vs Payment (DVP) basis. We provide a (T+1) settlement time. Same-day settlement available through interbank exchange.


Front-end terminal/GUI. FIX, WebsocketAPI, and/or RestAPI connectivity.

Trade Reporting

Back office reporting and order-trail information with receipt verification for each trade conducted.

Supported Virtual Currencies


Is the asset you are looking for not here? Contact trade desk


Gebo offers real-time actionable quotes on crypto-related equipment. Gebo enables firms to directly convert crypto into fiat and back, and use crypto as a form of collateral. Contact our support desk for more details.

Who can we service?

Mining Hardware Manufacturers

  • Mining Manufacturers can accept cryptocurrency payment for hardware supplies

Co-Location Companies

  • Server warehouses are renting out space to miners who can pay in cryptocurrency

BTM Manufacturers

  • Current operators of Bitcoin Transaction Machines (BTM) need a way to convert virtual currency inventory to fiat. Gebo can provide the necessary support to instantly lock-in quotes per transaction block size.

What can we offer?

Coin Conversion

Counterparties can instantly convert their cryptocurrency to USD value

Network Rebate

Earn network rebates through Gebo Group Terminal


Gebo interacts exclusively with cryptocurrency wallet providers by enabling institutions to process block size orders in real-time. We provide the ability to accept cryptocurrency with an instant USD conversion price. Our systems are geared towards financial institutions, individual investors, and traditional merchants looking to transact cryptocurrencies.

| Counterparty registers with Gebo Group through wallet provider. All (KYC/AML) will be conducted by Gebo
| Activate Front-end terminal/GUI and receive live quotes with a minimum size of $100,000 per transaction size

What can we offer?


API Connectivity through GUI Web Socket, Rest, and other protocols

Coin Conversion

Transact with live OTC desk at a minimum of $100,000 USD. No hidden fees to either party.


Secure transactions through Gebo terminal and custodial network



Clubs & Auction houses can offer a unique opportunity for clients to pay for their membership or items sold in cryptocurrency.

What can we offer?

POS System

Gebo Terminal for processing with API connectivity and automated invoicing


FBO trust accounts are available for ease of transacting and drawing against a cryptocurrency balance sheet.

No Fees

Gebo charges No Fees and remits the full purchase amount to the establishment


24/7 live trade support with full customer experience


We work with PAYFACs and POS software providers that wish to add crypto processing to their suite of services. Our solutions provide network rebates typically higher than traditional card processing. Contact our support desk for more details.

Gebo Provides its own terminal for Point-of-Sale processing, automated solutions, and API integration with existing POS systems.

  • 0% fees on any transaction
  • Cryptocurrency payment integration with GUI interface
  • Higher network rebates than traditional card processing

Get Started

How to login

If you are an existing Gebo customer – you have been given URLs to use for your particular needs. Please use those. They are not on this site, for security reasons.

If you are new to Gebo, please sign up here.

If you have been accepted and ready to fill out your application, please go here and complete your onboarding application.

If you are unclear, please contact support, at the number (or email) below.


Why should I accept payments from my customers using cryptocurrencies and digital assets?

Merchants can accept Bitcoin payments using Gebo Group’s point of sale terminal, web widget, or custom API solution to receive full remittance in USD or local currency of their choice. Gebo Group is a crypto merchant payment network and functions as a full on-ramp and off-ramp for crypto to fiat payments while assuming all the crypto risk.

  1. No Fees. Eliminate payment processing expenses that credit/debit card processors charge by using Gebo Group – a direct provider not a middleman – that charges 0 fees.
  2. Increase sales. Attract the quickest growing consumer group that holds crypto-currency and digital assets such as Bitcoin without being exposed to crypto risk.
  3. No Chargebacks. Unlike credit/debit cards, transactions are final and one way. (You can still issue refunds as needed).

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