Why should I accept payments from my customers using cryptocurrencies and digital assets?

Merchants can accept Bitcoin payments using Gebo Group’s point of sale terminal, web widget, or custom API solution to receive full remittance in USD or local currency of their choice. Gebo Group is a crypto merchant payment network and functions as a full on-ramp and off-ramp for crypto to fiat payments while assuming all the crypto risk.

  1. No Fees. Eliminate payment processing expenses that credit/debit card processors charge by using Gebo Group – a direct provider not a middleman – that charges 0 fees.
  2. Increase sales. Attract the quickest growing consumer group that holds crypto-currency and digital assets such as Bitcoin without being exposed to crypto risk.
  3. No Chargebacks. Unlike credit/debit cards, transactions are final and one way. (You can still issue refunds as needed).

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