E-Commerce & Brick/Mortar Merchants

Merchants can offer digital asset payments as an option to their customers without being subjected to cryptocurrency price fluctuations. The buyer pays with crypto the end merchant receives USD. Gebo facilitates the transaction and quickly settles with the merchant. Unlike traditional card payments, Gebo charges no fees and remits the full purchase price to the merchant.

How It Works

Step 1

Onboard and Register your wallet as a merchant following KYC/AML guidelines

Step 2

Once payment is initiated we calculate the digital asset quote based on the best current market price and pass it to the customer

Step 3

Customer pays with accepted digital assets through Point-Of -Sale terminal by scanning QR code or providing public key.

Step 4

Merchants receive the total amount of purchase price with no additional fees

Benefits of Accepting Bitcoin Payments

Irreversible Payments

Blockchain payments are conceptually irreversible. Therefore as a merchant, you can accept payments from anywhere in the world and will not be charged back. *Subject to terms and conditions*

No Fees

Most payment providers charge a 1% fee from the transaction amount. Gebo Digital Payments charge no fees to merchant.

Additional Customers

Members of the Bitcoin community are very supportive of businesses accepting it as a form of payment. Therefore it attracts new customers and increases overall sales


Gebo offers real-time actionable quotes on crypto-related equipment. Gebo enables firms to directly convert crypto into fiat and back, and use crypto as a form of collateral. Contact our support desk for more details.

Who can we service?

Mining Hardware Manufacturers

  • Mining Manufacturers can accept cryptocurrency payment for hardware supplies

Co-Location Companies

  • Server warehouses are renting out space to miners who can pay in cryptocurrency

BTM Manufacturers

  • Current operators of Bitcoin Transaction Machines (BTM) need a way to convert virtual currency inventory to fiat. Gebo can provide the necessary support to instantly lock-in quotes per transaction block size.

What can we offer?

Coin Conversion

Counterparties can instantly convert their cryptocurrency to USD value

Network Rebate

Earn network rebates through Gebo Group Terminal


Gebo interacts exclusively with cryptocurrency wallet providers by enabling institutions to process block size orders in real-time. We provide the ability to accept cryptocurrency with an instant USD conversion price. Our systems are geared towards financial institutions, individual investors, and traditional merchants looking to transact cryptocurrencies.

| Counterparty registers with Gebo Group through wallet provider. All (KYC/AML) will be conducted by Gebo
| Activate Front-end terminal/GUI and receive live quotes with a minimum size of $100,000 per transaction size

What can we offer?


API Connectivity through GUI Web Socket, Rest, and other protocols

Coin Conversion

Transact with live OTC desk at a minimum of $100,000 USD. No hidden fees to either party.


Secure transactions through Gebo terminal and custodial network



Clubs & Auction houses can offer a unique opportunity for clients to pay for their membership or items sold in cryptocurrency.

What can we offer?

POS System

Gebo Terminal for processing with API connectivity and automated invoicing


FBO trust accounts are available for ease of transacting and drawing against a cryptocurrency balance sheet.

No Fees

Gebo charges No Fees and remits the full purchase amount to the establishment


24/7 live trade support with full customer experience


We work with PAYFACs and POS software providers that wish to add crypto processing to their suite of services. Our solutions provide network rebates typically higher than traditional card processing. Contact our support desk for more details.

Gebo Provides its own terminal for Point-of-Sale processing, automated solutions, and API integration with existing POS systems.

  • 0% fees on any transaction
  • Cryptocurrency payment integration with GUI interface
  • Higher network rebates than traditional card processing

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