Gebo Group provides streamlined actionable quotes with available liquidity pairs for digital assets and fiat currencies including BTC, ETH, PAX, TUSD, USD, and many more. Trades executed on a principal-to-principal basis with no additional fees.


Access Gebo’s conversion network in both digital assets and fiat. BTC, ETH, PAX, TUSD, and many more

No Fees

No transaction fees, principal-to-principal trading

Price Lock-In

Actionable quotes via institutional grade trading infrastructure. Lock up to 4 times the amount of available capital in any supported currency. No charge on leverage

Our institutional solutions allow our counter parties to streamline trading with API connectivity, trade confirmations, and settlement disbursements through a licensed custodian. We provide several options for clearing, settlement, and transaction reporting creating a better flow of ease proceeding the execution process.


Transactions are settled on Delivery vs Payment (DVP) basis. We provide a (T+1) settlement time. Same-day settlement available through interbank exchange.


Front-end terminal/GUI. FIX, WebsocketAPI, and/or RestAPI connectivity.

Trade Reporting

Back office reporting and order-trail information with receipt verification for each trade conducted.

Supported Virtual Currencies


For an up to date complete list please contact trade desk